Rachael Coote

We have been lucky enough to have Steve create many amazing photos for us and on every shoot he has always been very professional.

I am not a huge fan of the camera but he manages to always make it easy and fun to the point you don’t notice him taking the pictures at some points, so it was an easy choice when it came to deciding on our wedding photographer.

During planning he was always there if we needed any questions answered or if we needed some ideas for pictures. He gave his opinions and enhance ideas that we had only taken a small thought too.

When it came to the day nothing was a hassle and he wanted to make sure we captured all of the photos we wanted, which are truly amazing. All of them are creative and he even went along with our crazy ideas which involved a dinosaur and a selfie. He makes the day fun and his work is just beautiful and that just isn’t in our wedding photos but also in our couple shoot and engagement shoot which was taken with our dog.

He is honestly one of the nicest guys I know and the best photographer. If you are looking for someone that will have fun, be creative, bring the best out of your photos (even if it’s raining), just wants to make the day special for you and create some amazing memories then Steve is guy for you.

Rachael CooteBride

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