Norwich Dog Training School


I am honoured to be not only a student of Norwich Dod Training School! I have also become good friends with the owner. Grahame doesn’t discriminate, he is determined to help dogs of all shapes and sizes! And he does a wonderful job of it! As a pet photographer dog training is crucial, to get the best shots! So as someone who has been to several ‘training’ classes be careful who you select! It is my opinion that NDTS is the best of the best! please check them out here: https://norwichdogtrainingschool.co.uk

As a photographer who specialises in pets, I always recommend that your dog must be able to be at least able to sit, down, and stay in position for at least 15-20 seconds at a time – this makes all the difference with the final images! And so you will get the memories of your pal to treasure forever!

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