Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

At TOCC we have recently invested in the new cutting edge Matterport 3D Virtual Tour system. I have now scanned over 20 properties and have very much learnt all aspects of the new tech and it’s very exciting!

Here is an example of a property I have recently completed:

Eades Mill, Norfolk – Click Here


This is a huge step forward in VT technology and is completely seamless and has the added luxury of full Virtual Reality integration with Google Cardboard and other providers.

The way it works is the camera sits on a stable tripod and uses lasers to scan point of a room from a single location in 360 degrees, the operator then moves the camera to another spot to extend the model which is all controlled via iPad. After a number of scans, the floor plan it generates starts to build up a picture of the property.

On completion of scanning the entire house, its then submitted to a processing farm in the USA and then is returned as a 3D model only a number of hours after the submission.

Have a play and enjoy what is now possible with Matterport 3D Dollshouse Tours.

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